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Article 21 Of The Collective Bargaining Agreement

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15.15 All faculty staff who teach require a written or electronic questionnaire for students. All classes taught by each member of the faculty unit must have such assessments, unless the Chair has approved the requirement to evaluate a reduced number of classes after taking into account the recommendations of the relevant faculty committees. In cases where student evaluation is not required for all classes, classes selected for evaluation must be representative of the faculty unit`s teaching mission and be defined jointly in consultation between the faculty member to be evaluated and the department head. In case of disagreement, each party selects 50% of the courses to be evaluated. The results of these evaluations are included in the faculty staff action file. Evaluation results can be stored electronically and integrated into the staff action file, provided that individuals involved in staff evaluations and recommendations or decisions have secure access to these purposes. The summer campus agreement at Cal Poly SLO and the 12-month department presidents agreement remain in effect. 10.17 The Panel Chair ensures that an official minutes of the proceedings are prepared in a manner agreed upon by the parties. In the absence of agreement, the procedure is presented by the Auditory Committee of the Faculty and the Funeral Witness and the Administrator responsible for a single copy of the recording, if the appeal is then submitted to arbitration in accordance with paragraph 10.21. 6.20 For members of the negotiating team whose normal duties include classroom instruction, the requested leave is carried out in stages facilitating the redistribution of the course.

one. The party requesting mediation asks within thirty (30) calendar days after the Union has submitted an application for arbitration. This period can be waived after mutual agreement of both parties. 40.7 This Section 40, Extension for Credit Employment, replaces all practices and arrangements on all campuses that are in effect prior to the entry into force of this Agreement in the subjects covered by the Article. 2.13 Faculty unit staff – the term used in this agreement is that of a member of the bargaining unit, is a full-time employee of the faculty unit, a part-time employee of the faculty unit, an employee of the faculty unit, an employee of the faculty unit, the member of the temporary faculty unit, the staff of the faculty coaching unit , faculty unit staff, faculty department staff or faculty department staff. 2.10 CSU – The term „CSU“ used in this agreement refers collectively to administrators, the chancellery, universities and universities. The term „CSU“ also means „employer.“ H. Faculty staff – the term „faculty employee“ used in this agreement refers to a member of the rate unit in the following classifications: 0350, 0351, 0352, 0353, 0354, 0355, 0356, 0357, 0358, 0359, 0360, 0361, 0361, 0362, 0363, 0364, 0365, 0391, 0392, 0393, 0551, 0552, 0554, 0556, 0557, 0568, 0562, 0564, 1195, 2158, 2160, 2282, 2308 , 2310, 2320, 2321, 2322, 2323, 2356, 2357, 2358, 2359, 2360, 2361, 2362, 2364, 2364, 2365, 2367, 2368, 2369, 2369 2,387, 2388, 2390, 2391, 2393, 2394, 2395, 2399, 2402, 2457, 2462, 2463, 2464, 2466, 2481, 2482 and 7894.