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Agreement On Flexible Working In The Health Service

8. 4. 2021, Written by 0 comment

For Northern Ireland, the LRA (Labour Relations Agency) offers a free and confidential mediation service before filing an application in court. There may be a grounds for the right to an employment tribunal if the employer does not give a valid reason for rejecting your application or if there is a violation of the procedure. Rejecting a flexible work application could, in certain circumstances, be discriminatory. For example, if the requirement for staff to work on a particular work method particularly penalizes women with child care obligations compared to men – which is not justified – this treatment could amount to gender discrimination. Flexible work rules help create a healthy work-life balance for workers and their families. Good employers recognize the benefits of flexible work, including hiring and hiring the best staff, as well as reducing absenteeism and work-related stress. To have the legal right to work flexibly, you must: If your employer intends to approve your application, a meeting is not required. If you are called to a meeting to discuss your flexible work request, call us on 0345 7726100. Among the flexible employment opportunities that may be available to you, temporary workers also have the right to apply for a flexible internship if they return to work after a period of parental leave. Learn more about temporary workers. Employers are not required by law to grant a flexible work application if it cannot be considered by the company.

It is possible that not all aspects of your proposal will be accepted and your superior will propose a regulation slightly different from that of the compromise. Get ready to do it. Do all the necessary paper work. Be sure to specify a start date for the proposed amendment so that your employer has a reasonable amount of time to review and implement the proposal. Date and indicate if (and when) a prior application has been made. Keep in mind that your proposal should convince your supervisor that it is feasible and perhaps improve the operation of the service. Try: Another option (if both parties agree) is the use of the ACAS arbitration service for England, Wales and Scotland. If both parties agree to go to arbitration to resolve the dispute, the employee will not be able to take the matter to an employment tribunal. If you are unsure of your choices, please contact us on 0345 772 6100. Employers should seriously consider all flexible work applications and objectively consider each application. An employer can get more than one flexible work request at the same time.

Questions must be considered in the order in which they are received. The demand for a flexible work process should be a simple process, but there are a number of key areas to consider. A successful application must be well thought out and submitted in due course. I hope that your application will be successful, but if you do not, you may be called to a formal meeting to discuss your application. If so, call us on 0345 7726100.